470km – 3 days / 2 nights

  • Start: Henties Bay
  • Finish: Uis or Henties Bay

Imagine no roads or a hint of civilisation for miles in any direction. Just you and the vast expanse of the desert plains that surround you. This is Gai-Ais, at the heart of the Damaraland rock desert. Before the days of GPS, Gai-Ais was extremely difficult to find. Every visit turned out to be a journey of discovery. That is why the place got to be known as the Secret Fountain of Gai-as. Gai-Ais also has life-giving water, which not only attracted people but game as well, making it an ideal hunting spot in primitive times.

Traces of earlier life is visible in rock piles that are the remains of the dwellings of the original inhabitants. More recent stone structures can also be found. This, it is speculated, was built for the mounted police service of German South West Africa as a stopover for the men and their camels on their patrols through the desert.

Our journey of discovery to Gai-Ais will follow the meandering dry riverbed of the Ugab from the coast. Enjoy the magic of sleeping out under the stars in the middle of nowhere on our first day. For the second night we will set-up camp at the Ugab River Rhino Camp where basic shower and ablution facilities are available.


Note that all costs are based on self-sufficient and self-catering drives. We will only provide a leading vehicle with two-way radio equipment to keep in contact with the leading and last vehicles.

  • N$500 per vehicle per day (minimum of 5 vehicles)
  • N$2,500 per day for the group (less than 5 vehicles)  
  • Costs for park permits and campsites (where relevant) are excluded from our pricing and must be paid on-site. Fees will be provided upon enquiry.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit payment required upon booking. The remainder must be paid on/before day of departure.